-we go where no one has ever gone before..

Our contribution to the 21st millennium food revolution is Idrolato Classico®.

We strive to offer the ultimate natural herb tastes, to explore uncommon new flavours, to seek out new recipes and achievements, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

With enormous pride we can now offer our own herbs, produced in Liguria, as a liquid in a bottle. All done without additives or taste enhancers (like MSG), colorants and preservatives. Idrolato Classico® is a 100% natural liquid seasoning, which gives Chefs the ability to widen their culinary horizons with herb savour as an ingredient in a much earlier stage of authentic cooking than ever experienced.

We just ensure honest, safe and natural grown herbs, available 365 days a year, in various solutions. And, with more than 40 years of outdoor production we know our resources inside out.

Have fun!