AROMA RISERVA® herbs are judged on consistency, healthiness, taste, perfume and packaging.


The extraordinary taste of AROMA RISERVA®  herb is due to the old fashion way of production. The traditional method is long cultivation, several cuts, clean air, outside production, mediterranean sun, selective chosen, high quality control by professionals and the best packaging - all done without compromising.

Approximately it takes 7 standard herbs to be produced in order to select 1 AROMA RISERVA® herb due to the high quality requests. Several of the wood herbs in our core assortment has been cut up to 3 times before it can graduate as a standard AROMA RISERVA® herb. The herbs are kept in the mediterranean sun with the fresh sea breeze until the aroma reaches exactly the right level. That’s it.

Its unmistakably fresh, aromatic flavor is not the only thing that makes AROMA RISERVA® so special. The cultures in AROMA RISERVA®  tend to keep it fresher for longer and create a lower moisture content, making it superior for cooking.


AROMA RISERVA® sets the standard for consistently high quality and superior taste. Our goal is to develop the best of fresh herbs to passionate and professional chefs without compromising.

In order to supply this outstanding quality to your kitchen we have also build a STATE OF THE ART packaging. We have, in co-operation with the leaders of packaging, strongly considered the sustainability of all the materials and only the best has been chosen for optimal conditions during transport to guarantee the durability of the AROMA RISERVA® herbs.

Besides being authentic and true, our chosen materials has never been used, probably due to the costs, by any other herb supplier earlier!

Very First in our commitment to food safety is the hygienic practice for all activities in the fields. We clean, we clean up and we control constantly, we supervise and control every detail. And we have independent experts controlling GLOBAL GAP.