Quality food loves AROMA RISERVA®

Certificated Global GAP -Farm Assurers

We take certification very serious in order to guarantee retailers, professional chefs, passion chefs and ordinary families a high food security. All AROMA RISERVA® herbs are certified Global GAP and MPS by ECAS-MPS third party organization.

Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) consists of:

• Documentation and self-inspection
• Area and cultivation history 
• Occupational health and welfare
• Waste management
• Environmental protection 
• Complaint handling
• Traceability
• Fertilizer
• Irrigation
• Pest Control IPM
• Plant protection products
• Earth and substrate treatment
• Harvesting
• Product management 

For more detail on the certification please visit: globalgap.org

Bottom of the line, our certificated herbs are all about making food safe and sustainable for you and your family!