#1 Chef Choice

12 Plants specially selected by Chef Alessio Bottin

Have you ever emerged from a restaurant after a wonderful meal, asking, ‘how on earth did the chef cook that dish. It never tastes like that when I do it?’
Sure, there are tricks that bridge the gap between home-cooked food and fine dining, but one of the best is the judicious use of fresh herbs.

But be aware, a great deal of the nutrients are lost within the first 30 minutes of harvesting plants, and the herbs that you can pick up in the supermarket may be fairly cheap but there’s every chance they have been grown in artificial conditions. Therefore, cooking with outdoor grown herbs can be a beneficial way to add something extra to your meals.

Chef Alessio Bottin has personally helped us (and probably you) by selecting 12 outdoor grown herbs for your kitchen. On our cooking channel he gives lessons in preparing stunning dishes with these herbs. More videos are being added all the time.

Buon appetito !!!