Ocimum Basilicum L. Genovese D.O.P.

Essential Oil, 100% Albenga, Ligure, Italy (from birth to sale).

With a naturally sweet, warm, spicy and herbal smell, basil oil can be used in multiple ways both internally and topically.

Finest cutting of Mediterranean Basil gives us a pure, natural and fresh essential oil that we call the world’s best ingredient.

VERY LIMITED! We are probably the only producer of this very rare product in the world.

N° 12


Pure Essential Oil:
Our own Basil as Essential Oil.

Take care when using essential oil. Observe the guidelines following the product.

It supports natural body balance and has a relaxing, soothing effect on the nervous system.

• 100% Albenga, Ligure, Italy (from seed to sale)
• AROMA RISERVA® Essential Basil Oil starts from seeds in open field
• Grown under natural mediterranean sun with no artificial lighting
• Production period from minimum 5 weeks up to 10 weeks (it depends on the period of the year)
Keep our essential oils away from oxygen, light and heat.