Mint Moroccan

Mentha Marocchina

Essential Oil, 100% Albenga, Ligure, Italy (from birth to sale).

Finest cutting of Mediterranean Moroccan Mint gives us a pure, natural and fresh essential oil that we call the world’s best ingredient.

Aromatherapy; it is observed that it can relieve many bacterial, fungal, and viral infections when inhaled or applied in the form of a vapor balm. Sinus and lung congestion are also known to be cleared from this oil.

N° 51


Essential Oil:
Our own Moroccan Mint as Essential Oil.

Take care when using essential oil. Observe the guidelines following the product.

It eases digestion.

• 100% Albenga, Ligure, Italy (from birth to sale)
• AROMA RISERVA® Essential Moroccan Mint Oil starts from cutting
• Grown under natural mediterranean sun with no artificial heating or lighting
• The leaves and flowers are picked just before maturity when the essential oil content is at its greatest, and vacuum steam distilled. The oil is colourless or of a very pale yellow. The smell has an agreeable freshness, strong, penetrating, giving that feeling of being able to breathe deeply. Fresh, the oil is very fluid, but it thickens and darkens as it ages.
Keep our essential oils away from oxygen, light and heat.