Salvia Officinalis

Liquid Seasoning, 100% Albenga, Ligure, Italy (from birth to sale).

With its fresh, pure Mediterranean taste, sage is great in stuffings, cured meats, sausages, and pork dishes.

Done WITHOUT additives or taste enhancers (like MSG), colorants and preservatives. Idrolato Classico® is a 100% natural liquid seasoning.

Offers the ability to widen culinary horizons with sage flavour as an ingredient in a much earlier stage of authentic cooking.

N° 76


Vol: 0,375 cl
Liquid Seasoning:
Our own Sage as a liquid in a bottle.

One among health essentials, used against mouth inflammatory diseases and good for brain and memory.

• 100% Albenga, Ligure, Italy (from seed to sale)
• IDROLATO CLASSICO® Sage starts from cutting
• Grown under natural mediterranean sun with no artificial lighting
Keep our hydrolates away from oxygen, light and heat.

After opening, keep in refrigerator.