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Genuine excellence and flavour are hard-earned qualities. Albenga herbs have always been famous for them. Which is why in 2012 inferior herbs from outside the valley were prevented from masquerading as their Albenga counterparts, by the creation of just one brand for all Albenga herbs.

In spring 2013 when herbs were ready to enter the international scene and cover the continuously increasing request, AROMA RISERVA® became notorious in Albenga. The project hadn’t taken into consideration the italian politics and bureaucracy. 
In August 2013 when the project was abandoned from several growers Vigo Gerolamo S.r.l. requested to use the name and promised to produce the high quality herbs with the guarantee of origin for all the ingredients as requested by the AROMA RISERVA® project.

Quality food loves passion, and AROMA RISERVA® is finally ready to meet the european retail market in order to bring our real mediterranean herb ingredients to the passionate cooks all over the old continent.